Parking Lot Striping

Are you looking to revamp your parking lot structure or even developing a brand new paved lot throughout the Denver area? If so, when you’re in need of options and paint striping services provided throughout the Denver area, ABC Asphalt is the full solution for paint striping services that you can rely on.

Top Line Striping Company – ABC Asphalt, Inc

Denver’s ABC Asphalt specializes in all aspects of parking lot maintenance and construction. Our services range from laying asphalt for new construction projects, correcting poor drainage scenarios, to building speed bumps and signage for better flow of current parking lots.

That’s why we’re here extending our paint striping services in Denver and throughout the Front Range areas, so that quality paving and concrete or paint striping services are readily available to you.

How Long Does Pavement Marking Take?

The time to complete Parking Lot Striping depends on the size of the lot and the type of Line Marking paint used. Once pavement marking begins it usually is a fairly quick process. The main variables are weather and paint type.

Typical Line Striping paint is dry within one hour and are totally cured within 4-6 hours.

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