In Denver, rain and snow, accompanied by freezing temperatures, can cause potholes and other damages due to water seeping into unsealed cracks and freezing, creating a larger crevasse. Potholes can become a massive problem for vehicles, especially when they continue to go without repair. ABC Asphalt, your choice for asphalt patch services in Denver, will fill any cracks or potholes with either hot or cold asphalt mix, keeping your asphalt smooth and drivable. By taking the time to patch your damaged pavement in Denver correctly now, you can prevent much more serious issues and costly repairs further on. Since patching is an essential part of any preventative maintenance plan, you should give ABC asphalt in Denver a call done as soon as you notice a pothole or other damage.

Our Process for Asphalt Patching in Denver

The asphalt patching process in Denver involves removing loose material from the affected area, coating the edges of the hole so the new asphalt binds properly, filling it with hot mixed asphalt, and compacting. One of the more intensive repairs can be a full-depth patch. In this instance, the pothole or severely cracked area is excavated to the subgrade or further to the sub-base, depending on the quality of the subgrade and subbase. This helps create uniformity in the layering of the compacted asphalt. ABC Asphalt, your choice for asphalt patch services, is your go-to asphalt patching contractor in Denver Metro and throughout the Front Range. Contact us in Denver today to receive a free consultation for your asphalt patching projects.

Asphalt Contractors and Services for Denver

For over 35 years, our outstanding asphalt patch contractors and professionals have provided the assistance needed for projects and services throughout the Denver area. Our asphalt patch services are highly sought-after because our Denver customers know we take their asphalt paving construction needs seriously. We understand how busy your days are and that’s why we’ve set out to make your asphalt patching project as simple as possible for you. We carry the knowledge and experience that is sure to have you coming back for years of repeat services.  Allow ABC Asphalt to bring you the asphalt patch options and services you need in Denver today, and we'll show you how asphalt construction should be handled.

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When you choose ABC Asphalt, Denver’s choice for asphalt patch services, you're choosing the durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for asphalt patching services available. Our wide variety of asphalt patch options offered throughout the Denver area, paired with our specialties in paving and asphalt work, mean you've chosen the most reliable contractors around. Give us a call today for additional information about our asphalt patch options and services available throughout the Denver area and connect with our exceptional and highly-qualified staff members.

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