Asphalt Crack Filler, Repair & Sealing in Denver, CO

While sealcoating is an essential process, asphalt maintenance in Denver goes far beyond that. Crack filling and sealing are truly necessities when it comes to the preventative care of your paved surfaces. Even smaller, hairline cracks can lead to a much larger problem if left untreated for long enough. Our asphalt crack filler services may be the perfect preventative measure to keep your paved surfaces in pristine condition. Filling cracks with asphalt has been a practice for decades. It’s the simplest, most natural way to maintain the integrity of most roadways and surfaces. There are two types of filler that are easily placed on both asphalt surfaces in Denver. Cold pour crack fill seals gaps up to half an inch in width and will usually keep a crack sealed for several years. Hot pour crack fill works on cracks up to an inch in width and will also maintain the seal for several more years.

When to Request Crack Sealing in Denver

Scrapes and scratches across your pavement can be purely cosmetic damages. They don’t look visually appealing, but they otherwise don’t affect the integrity of the Denver paved surface. These pose no real danger and can often be addressed by an overlay to give your pavement that brand-new look and feel. Unfortunately, cracks that have extended below the surface or are widening are definitely a cause for concern. Much in the same way a small crack on a windshield can spread across the entire length of the glass, the same thing can happen to your pavement. The more these cracks are allowed to grow and deepen, the greater the issue and more expensive the repair. It is necessary to schedule a crack sealing in Denver when you suspect that you’re dealing with more than just surface cracks. By contacting the Denver Metro’s asphalt crack filler professionals at ABC Asphalt, you’ll know that we will work to assess the extent of the damages and get them properly repaired.

Crack Filler Services with ABC Asphalt

When it comes to options in Denver and asphalt crack filler services provided throughout the Denver area, there's only one company that has brought you exceptional assistance for over 35 years. ABC Asphalt is, without a doubt, Denver's top choice for asphalt crack filler services. And with specialties in asphalt work, you can bet on a job well-done by the true asphalt experts. Don't let the struggles of finding the right company for your asphalt crack filler services hinder your curb appeal any longer. Place your trust in the hands of ABC Asphalt in Denver today, and we’ll ensure you receive complete assistance from top to bottom.

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ABC Asphalt in Denver is the reliable, eco-friendly option for asphalt crack filler services to handle your project. Allow our highly-qualified and licensed contractors to get the job done with ease and efficiency, all while providing you with the most cost-effective asphalt crack filler services available throughout the Denver area. Our asphalt crack filler services are executed with only the very best high-end equipment and include assistance with parking lots, driveways, and roads. ABC Asphalt is the durable option for asphalt crack filler services in Denver that you can rely on for long-lasting use. Give us a call today for more information on our options and on asphalt crack filler services offered throughout the Denver area today! 

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