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A Solid Foundation

Subgrade soil is one of the largest components of a sound, strong asphalt foundation. Poor preparation can lead to traffic damaging the pavement. The performance of any pavement is highly dependent on both its design and the load-bearing capabilities of the subgrade soil. Often, it can be found that existing subgrade soil isn’t properly treated to be able to handle traffic once pavement is laid. This leads to quicker deterioration and will require costly repairs down the line. By addressing potentially poor subgrade soil at the onset of your paving project, you’re saving yourself, as well as those utilizing your pavement, a lot of hassle. At ABC Asphalt, we have subgrade experts serving the Denver Metro that can improve the subgrade capacity to ensure better results for the finished pavement product.

Methods for Increasing Support

One of our primary means for maximizing the structural support of subgrade soil is the correct moisture content and proper compaction. When we compact subgrade to the appropriate density, it prevents erosion, compression, and deformation, all of which lead to pavement cracks and deformities. Stabilization is another common method. It incorporates additional materials with strong binding characteristics. Generally, stabilization greatly increases the load-bearing ability of subgrade. Over-excavation is used to remove poor load-bearing subgrade with one that has a higher load capacity, oftentimes replacing unfit soil with gravel borrow. Base courses and subbase courses can also be added over the subgrade. Frequently, this method incorporates a granular base with new pavement designs. If you would like more information on subgrade maintenance methods and how they could benefit your pavement plan, or if you’d like to schedule a consultation to determine how this service would enhance your upcoming projects in and around the Denver Metro, contact our subgrade contractors at ABC Asphalt today.

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