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Re-Thinking Your Lot

Think of how satisfying it can be to rearrange the furniture in your home. That exact same principle applies to crafting a new layout and re-striping your lot. Parking lots are essential to businesses in many areas of Denver so it’s possible that yours might need to be reimagined. One of the biggest benefits of considering a new layout for your lot is that it could easily increase your parking density. More parking equals more money and happier customers. If you’ve expanded your lot, it’s crucial to make sure that the new space is compliant with current ADA standards and has the required number of handicap-accessible stalls. If your property doesn’t currently meet these standards, a new layout and re-striping may be required.


Though many business owners will neglect their lots and allow their current striping to fade, it’s typically recommended that re-striping occurs every two years, or when the existing paint coating has worn down to about 75% of its original appearance. Investing in updating your parking lot line markings will have a positive impact on your lot traffic and will be pleasing to the eyes of your customers. Typically, the drying time for a re-stripe will be around 30 minutes, but you should keep traffic off the lot for at least an hour. Your lot may need repaved as well. An easy test is to sprinkle water across the lot. If it is no longer beading on the surface of the pavement, it’s time to repave. If you think you need a parking lot repave or re-stripe for your Denver or Front Range lot, contact the crew at ABC Asphalt to discuss your project today.

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