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Are you dealing with some land that’s never been paved before? ABC Asphalt in Colorado is your number one contractor for any new paving jobs. We only use the highest quality materials and application techniques to ensure that all parking lots, roads, and driveways are paved to last. A new construction paving job requires experienced professionals with the right materials and equipment, so don’t trust just anyone to do the job. We take pride in our work and want to help your vision come to life so our experienced ABC Asphalt contractors are the best choice for all new construction paving job needs.

The Installation Process

Our comprehensive process will ensure that your pavement is properly placed to deliver the best results. Initially, there may be some demolition work. Machinery could be required to remove components of the existing service, while also clearing the area of debris and other materials that are in the way. Once the space has been cleared and is primed for the next step, we will grade the area with the proper sloping to help guarantee effective water drainage to prevent future damages to your surfaces caused by precipitation. Post-grading, there will be the need for subgrade to be tested for potential soft spots and repaired accordingly. After that, we will implement binders, and surface courses to ensure the durability of the final product. These steps lead to the installation of your new surface to provide a clean look and ensure traffic that crosses it experiences smoothness.

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