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What is an Overlay?

If your asphalt or concrete is starting to become uneven or show several interconnecting cracks, also known as alligator cracks (so-called because they resemble the scaly skin of alligators and crocodiles), it may be time to resurface your pavement. This involves an overlay of new asphalt over the existing pavement to even out any grade depressions, or cover larger crack areas that won’t be fixed with simple patchwork. An asphalt overlay is simply a thin layer of hot mixed asphalt that covers the existing surface, giving the appearance of new pavement. Concrete and asphalt overlays can be a massively important part of any project. They can affect the superficial quality of the pavement and can improve the look of the product. If you’re noticing cracks or potholes but the pavement isn’t damaged enough to require replacement, an overlay is a perfect solution.

Do I Need an Overlay

In Denver, asphalt and concrete often need overlays due to the frequency of precipitation. An overlay is quite like a pothole patch except it focuses more so on surface damages and doesn’t truly address the issues going on under the surface. Any cracks the overlay covers will be reflected on the new layer of asphalt within a year or two. If your pavement is showing signs of cracking that haven’t become severe enough to warrant any sort of replacement, an overlay may be the solution you need. Overlays work as a temporary fix in many conditions, serving to make roads drivable as needed. When your pavement starts to look a little worn out, it might be time to contact Denver’s asphalt and concrete overlay experts at ABC Asphalt.

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